Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Table of Contents, and some Rules. . .

While I love reading the blogs on the side roll, I do not think that their model is one that I can follow very well. It seems that the best bloggers in the old school community are very freeform--posting about whatever they have on their minds on a given day, as long as it somewhat pertains to the old school interests. I often think of great things to write about (mostly on various OWBN related mailing lists that I am on) during my long work shifts, but loose interest by the time I get home. Therefore, I think that I need to provide myself with more of a framework about how this will all go down on my little corner of the internet.

First off, then, should come the Rules of the Blog:
1) I will post no less than once per week.
2) All posts will be tagged with the title of one of the books, plus a chapter header, in addition to any other tags that might be needed.
3) All posts will be clearly labelled as to whether they pertain to houserules, setting elements, or both.
4)I will do my damned best to read and respond to comments at least every other day (not that this will be a problem if things stay the way they are).

I really wanted to make a rule saying that my posts should follow the order of the table of contents that I going to write in a few moments, but another, more practical part of me knows that that would be too restrictive.

Speaking of the Table of Contents, allow me to produce a proposed one for the finished product right now, but first, allow me to preface with the fact that I am purposelly renaming the 3lbb's to present a better image of the setting I am going for (setting/mechanics unity? gasp!), and that I am goin to reorganize things to be more understandable:

Book One: Mighty Men & Mystical Magic
Determination of Abilities
Statistics Regarding Classes
"Saving Throw Matrix" & "Skills"
Spells Table--Druids
Explanation of Spells

Book Two: Monsters & Treasure
Monster Reference Table
Monster Descriptions
Mythical Items

Book Three: The Otherworlds & Wilderness Adventures
(Honestly, I have no ideas for Book 3 at this time)

I also need to find a space to include the all-important information on the setting's gods. Perhaps that can go into Book 3? I see that book delivering most of the information about the not-fully-implicit-or-explicit-either setting material that I want to get across, so it would seem like a fit.

Hopefully, this post will prime the pump for me, and I don't loose interest a couple of weeks into it like I have with so many other projects in the past.

Friday, March 27, 2009

First Post, Here We Go!

Well, now. . .where to begin. . .

Greetings from the realms of the intrawebs. My name is Dave, and I will be your guide through this journey of creativity.

Some things about me. I am thirty years old, a graduated English major, and I work for Ashley Furniture in Arcadia, WI. I was introduced to RPGs back when I was in seventh grade, meaning, oh, about 1991/2. I recently became interested in and eventually purchased the 3lbbs, along with Supplements I-IV, and Carcosa. I have been trying to start a game of the original fantasy role-playing game for a few months now, but have been meeting with insuccess. During my work hours, I like to think about new settings to place games in--even knowing that they will probably never be run. I have, though, decided to start writing about one of these settings that I came up with at work in hopes of not abandonning it, and, eventually, getting to run it. This blog's primary goal, then, will be to develop this setting in a manner compatible with the 3lbbs--and possibly to eventually compile all of this setting material, as well as the house rules that I (hopefully) will be running it all with in the form of a PDF Supplement VI (or X, I'm not really picky).

The setting that I am devising is based on Celtic (mainly Irish, but also the Mabinogion) mythology, The Corum Novels by Michael Moorcock, The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson, the Slaine graphic novels, and hopefully others. It will feature new takes on old favorites--classes, races (only humans for PCs, though), and other standbys of the Dungeons and Dragons game that have largely gone unchallenged for the last thirty-five years. My thoughts about houserules, especially, are probably more "new-school" than what a lot of the grognards out there might care for, but I think that the game should be able to take these rules and stand on its own two feet even without them.

I look forward to telling you more about it.